Printing FAQs

How soon can we get started?

It depends on the data format supplied and any custom forms or envelopes requested. It the print format is simple and the forms and envelopes are not complicated, printing can begin in about two days. Complex reprogramming jobs may take several weeks. Should you wish to change your form layout, our programmers can reformat your print data to fit newly redesigned forms.

What file formats do you accept?

Any format including print and spool files, flat files, database, CSV or Excel, XML, PDF, AFT, Meta Code or ASCII.

How fast are statements turned around?

Generally the next day without incurring any rush fees.

What about our inserts other than the primary items?

Either you can supply them or we will. IMS also operates an in-house offset printing shop, providing items like newsletters, notices and marketing pieces. Our mechanical inserters can insert up to five different items in one envelope.

Can I customize my statements?

Yes. Customization is requested on virtually every print job we do.

What about mixed formats? For instance portrait and landscape?


Do you pass all postage savings along to us?

Yes, we do in all cases. The savings can be up to $0.07 to $0.08 on each one ounce piece depending on how the mail is concentrated across zip codes.

Can you print daily?

Yes. We print on any schedule you require.

What area do you serve?

The entire North County San Diego. Some of our clients come from even more distant cities. We also have a few clients who are out of state.