Printing FAQs

How soon can we get started?

It depends on the data format supplied and the custom nature of the product/service needed. It the print format is simple and the products/services are fairly standard, printing can be done instantly for certain products. Complex graphics and production jobs may take several days. Should you wish to change your graphic layout, our designers can certainly help you with this task.

What file formats do you accept?

If you like to supply your own artwork, we suggest you send it to us in .PDF format. If you’re unable to create a PDF file you can also choose to send the file over in: .JPEG .JPG .PNG and .GIF file formats. We can accept other formats such as the Microsoft suite of applications however fees may apply to convert these type of files to a print-ready format.

How fast are products turned around?

It depends on the product. Please visit  www.micalifornia.com/terms-conditions/

Does your business offer direct marketing services?

Yes! As a matter of fact we have been doing this for almost 15 years.

Do you pass all postage savings along to your clients?

Yes, we do in all cases. The savings can be up to $.30 on each one ounce piece depending on how the mail is concentrated across zip codes.

Can you print daily?

Yes. We print on any schedule you require.

What area do you serve?

The entire North County San Diego. Some of our clients come from even more distant cities. We also own a “printing only” website that helps business owners nationwide.